For us, the foundation of customer service is this: We deliver on our promises and, while doing so, we foster a positive experience, enabled by organisation, communication, and commitment. Below are some facets of our service model that our client-partners appreciate and say set us apart.

Long-Term Committed Partners

At the core of our service philosophy is a commitment to building long-term, mutually beneficial connections with the individual clients we serve. We see every property as an opportunity to demonstrate the type of service that will endear and entrust our team to you.

Our Only Client

Key to achieving our goal of being the ideal partner has been to focus on every client as though he or she is the only client; the most important person in the room. This focus has been fundamental to our maintaining long-term relationships, and underlies our commitment to customer service. Complementing this focus is our remarkably low turnover of staff, which means you work with the same person year after year. Like old friends who know you and care about you, we discover the best ways to communicate, collaborate, and share with you, and strive to make your time with IPM the highlight of your day.

Our Team

The people here at IPM are our greatest asset. Our team is highly trained and dedicated, allowing us to deliver truly unique service.

Paul Denver brings vision, leadership, and his concern for people and the community to his role as Principal and Officer in Effective Control. As the founder, he has worn every hat in the company, from property manager to trust accountant. His focus is to build long-term, strong relationships that serve as a foundation for partnership and ongoing success. At IPM he creates an environment that embraces everyone and encourages them to be the best they can be. By fostering a culture of care and commitment, and applying his expertise with in a socially responsible business. Paul drives and shapes our mission and purpose. Read our WHY CHOOSE US.