Once a tenant has begun to transfer rental payments, we will organise the collection of rent and the distribution of creditor payments.

Our automatic system provides daily monitoring of tenant debts and other financial information. If a payment is overdue we launch an inquiry into the tenants’ arrears that includes the following process:

Day 3 – We will contact the tenant(s) via phone, email and SMS.

Day 9 – If rent has still not been paid, a formal ‘Notice to Remedy Breach’ is issued, notifying the tenants that they have seven days to transfer their outstanding rental payments in full.

Day 15 – If the tenant(s) have still not paid within this time period, a ‘Notice to Vacate’ will be sent to the tenant(s), followed by an application to VCAT for a formal hearing.

Throughout this process we will inform you of any measures we take, and will not issue a ‘Notice to Vacate’ without discussing the circumstances with you first.