Moving in

Contact Details

Once your new contact information has been made available, including your new home phone number and address, please email these details to your Property Manager.


If you wish to make copies of your keys it is required for you to return all keys given to you at the beginning of your tenancy, and all additional copies made. If you change the locks, you are also obligated to provide us with all new keys made for access to the property.

Payment and Lodgement of your Bond

Your bond payment will be lodged with our state bond authority. You should receive confirmation from them and be provided with your lodgement number.

Property Condition Report

Please ensure that you return your signed/amended copy of your property condition report to us within 3 days of the tenancy start date. If this is not returned please be aware that the original inspection will be used for end of tenancy comparison, regardless of whether you agree to the original report or not.

Contents Insurance

It is critical for you to establish your tenant contents insurance, due to the fact that your goods and possessions are not insured by the owner of the property. The landlord and agent will not be liable for any damaged or destroyed possessions owned by the tenant.